Campus police urge caution when parking bikes


Did you know that parking your bike on campus is opening it up to danger?

According to Police Sergeant, Mario Vasquez, approximately 33 bikes were stolen from 2009 to 2011.

Also, there was recently an arrest of a person stealing a bike on July 1.

Another person was caught for casing the bike racks on Aug. 30.

The information indicates the campus is not secure enough for students to let their bikes just sit around even it chained up.

However, there are ways to keep your bike safe. Here are some tips according to campus police:


Using a Kryptonite brand U-shaped style of lock will help keep bicycle stay safe. Police recommend never using a combination lock and a chain or a cable lock to secure your bicycle. Would-be thieves are able to defeat cable/locks with a cable cutter.


Don’t park expensive bicycles on campus; it might tempt some people to try to take your bicycle.


Secure tires and frame to the bike rack. Police also recommend securing the seat on your bicycle.


Record your bicycle’s important information, such as the value, brand, type, serial number and color just in case it is stolen.


Check your bike often whenever you have break time. If you see any suspicious activity around bike racks, report it to campus police.


Don’t use trees, gates, poles or handrails on campus to lock up your bicycle. Doing so increases the possibility of your bike being in danger.

Again, it is very easy to defeat chains, cables, and combination locks with bolt and cable cutters.

Therefore, according to campus police, you should make sure to use a Kryptonite lock.

The cost of a Kryptonite U-shaped lock is about $26-$50, depending on where you buy it.

You can also rent bicycle lockers. The rental fee is $10 for the fall or spring semester and $5 for summer intercession.

For more information, you visit the Student Activities Office located in Shima 101.

It may require you to put in effort; however, remember it is your responsibility to keep your bicycle safe.