Pride promotes safe sex at event


Valentine’s Day giveaway offers free condoms, advice

The Delta Pride club passed out condoms as part of it’s annual safe sex push in the quad for Valentine’s Day.

The purpose of which was  to spread information about safe sex to fellow students who get intimate on the holiday.

“With Valentine’s Day coming up and you know couples like to have fun,” said Brian Wick Delta Pride president.

The purpose of the event was to inform students that they can get intimate without risking their health. The booth included brochures to inform and help prevent the spreading of Sexually Transmitted Diseases.

“There was a person I met who didn’t know what safe sex was,” said Robert Martin, Delta Pride co-activities coordinator.

During the day the club passed out more than two-hundred-plus pamphlets and a countless amount of male and female condoms.

The condoms were donated by Planned Parenthood, as well as some of the information.

The AIDS Foundation donated several of the pamphlets, as well, so students who were interested could learn about sexually transmitted diseases.

There were also magazines targeted towards the homosexual community and information on the clubs activities for students to learn what they do throughout the year.

“Pamphlets were chosen because they were appropriate for what we were doing and it is nice to have information there for people to use,”said Wick.