Partial student government election results in


Partial results are in for the Associated Student Body Government (ASBG) elections, which concluded May 4.

Two-hundred thirty students in total voted in the election. Write-in results from the election are to be released next week.

Lorena Campos is the new ASBG president going into the 2012-13 school year, having received 82 votes.

Campos is currently the senator of legislative affairs.

A student who only just recently joined ASBG in the spring semester, Campos currently has a few goals with a heavy focus on improving the communication of ASBG and the students.

When asked about her plans to reach out to students, Campos emphasized College Hour as well as increasing announcements and fliers.

Campos said she doesn’t believe ASBG’s loss of the flea market and the subsequent challenges in finding funding will hinder the governing body in upcoming semesters.

“I don’t believe the board solely relies on the resources it has,” Campos said. “I don’t believe it relies on finances.”

With proper planning, Campos believes ASBG will be able to continue its operation on campus.

She said this semester ASBG spending was under the budget limitations instated by outgoing President Nicholas Aguirre.

“(We) worked hard not to exceed our limits to keep everything in budget,” Campos said.

Campos wants to inform students of their rights and allow them to understand how they can impact the campus environment.

Campos also wishes to improve the students and the members of ASBG by seeing the “strengths and weaknesses and plan our goals.”


Lorena Campos 82
Otta Kafka 43
Write-in candidate 7

Razleen Sandhu 120
Write-in Candidate 15

Senator of Activities
Razleen Sandhu 126
Write-in Candidate 11

Senator of Student ID Cards
Teresa Narez-Villa 124
Write-in Candidate 8

Senator of College and Community Relations
Elizabeth Landa 94
Teresa Narez-Villa 29
Write in Candidate 14