Student Senate supports scholarship


Many students have heard of the student government. Many students know that the student government is at every college level and at almost every school. Few students know of the Student Senate for California Community Colleges (SSCCC).

This organization is one step above community college student governments.

At a recent statewide general assembly, Region V, the region Delta belongs to, voted to support Assembly bills 1500 and 1501, which establish funding for the Middle Class Scholarship (MCS) by closing a tax loophole. The MCS is intended to reduce college costs for middle class families.

“What makes the MCS unique is that it accomplishes its goal without having to raise taxes on Californians or divert money from the general fund. It’s funded by closing a tax loophole that only benefits out of state corporations. The MCS thus also benefits California businesses by making out of state interests compete fairly,” said James Varble, SSCCC senator and sophomore at Modesto Junior College.

If this bill passes students could expect tuition cut by two-thirds.

Approximately 150,000 students will receive the MCS and save over $4,000 per year within the California State University system, while about 42,000 University of California students will receive the MCS, saving up to $8,169 per year.