Save money this holiday season with gifts from the heart


With the holiday season right around the corner and with money being tight for everybody.  If you have a lot of people t o buy for this year here are some basic ideas on what you can do on a limited budget to cover as many people as possible.

Baking is cheap and fun to do. Last year I made cookies with my cousin for all my family and friends, they went off without a hitch. The entire lot of cookies she and I made was about 10 dozen and we spent under $50 for baking supplies.

The second gift idea is to buy a mug, tinted cellophane, tea or coffee or cocoa, honey and decorative ribbon combining them to make a gift. Use the mug to hold the honey and tea, wrap them in tinted cellophane and finish with a bow. One way to make this for under $5 is to go to your local discount store, think $1 or less.

Things made by hand have the greatest amount of uniqueness between all of the gifts listed. It allows you to personalize every gift, as well as let people know that you care. Knitted or cocheted goods, as well as hand crafted clay figures, or bead projects are all personal projects that are within a relatively inexpensive price tag of $20.

One easy way to combine gift giving and quality time with a significant other, is to make a small meal and have a quiet evening at home. It’s also a good idea to watch holiday movies and chit chat near a roaring fire. This can be the perfect time to propose, if your relationship is ready for it. This can be done for under $40, minus the cost of the ring, if you are proposing.

Go to dinner at a local diner and then to a movie for the evening this can be done for under $50. Another possibility is going to a park, or on a walk. Hopefully if you live in the stockton area not at night.

This year take time to find the perfect gift for your friends, make them a gift or take them out to a small diner and time away.

Either way it is easy to make the holidays fun and cheap.