What’s Wrong With People:HOLIDAY HORROR


It’s that time of the year again. You get to sit by a toasty fire, sipping hot cocoa, watching Christmas specials, while warm cookies are coming out of the oven.

Doesn’t that sound relaxing?

Well enjoy it while it lasts because the holidays are anything but relaxing.

They are filled with nightmares of what to get your snotty little niece who has everything but a personal servant and I’m sure even that can be arranged.

Christmas parties are coming up.

What fun until you realize you don’t have a date and nothing in your closet fits!

You could always run around the mall like a mad man searching for the perfect party dress.

I hope you enjoy walking three blocks to get to the store though. The parking lots are packed around the holidays.

And once you get in don’t think it will be any easier.

The aisles are war zones of bloodthirsty deal seekers and their spawn terrorizing the clearance racks and the rest of the store in search of those red tag specials.

Made it through the guerrilla warfare? Good for you.

Enjoy the two hour wait in the line from hell.

You know the one I’m talking about; the lady with the entire store in her cart, the man searching through his coupon collection for the $1 off deal, the kids screaming that mommy couldn’t find the toy they wanted.

Yes, that one.

Made it out alive?

Well then, it’s time for round two.

You have your list of gifts to get but if you didn’t shop early on Black Friday or cyber Monday I doubt you’ll find anything you’re looking for.

Have a box of old gifts you never used? Looks like it’s time for some good old fashioned re-gifting.

Just don’t give Aunt Peggy back the horrendous holiday sweater she bought you last year. Imagine how that would look.

Worried you’ll get caught? I would be.

Looks like it’s time for Plan B. Gift cards.