A look at Stanislaus County hookah habitats


Hookah is a popular trend among college and high school students.0

But many are still unsure of what exactly it is.

A Hookah is an instrument used to smoke flavored tobacco.

The Hookah pipe actually originates from areas of India and Egypt.

It was used among wealthy and royals as a leisure activity.

Hookah’s also have multi-stemmed hoses used to smoke the tobacco so they could be used for large gatherings as well.

So why is hookah gaining such popularity?

One reason may be that the age requirement to smoke hookah is only 18.

So high school kids, or those that aren’t quite 21, have a fun place to go on the weekends that seems a little more exclusive.

Hookah bars do not serve any alcohol because some people may be underage.

Hookah bars are also designed to look and feel like clubs: loud music, live DJs and dim lighting included.

Sapphire Hookah Lounge in Modesto and Fire Temple Hookah Lounge in Turlock are designed to have that old world Indian and Egyptian feel
like the hookahs places of origin.

There is seating on the floors, small couches and stools and some
special event nights, even live belly dancers.

Fire Temple Hookah Lounge in Turlock is popular because it is near California State University, Stanislaus so many college students go
there to socialize.

Sapphire Hookah Lounge in downtown Modesto is probably most popular in this area because it is constantly expanding.

The lounge features deals every night of the week: Patrons can go for a movie night, with free popcorn and free hookah refills.  Fruit toppers are also available, so when you inhale it tastes like that particular fruit.

On Saturdays a live DJ is spinning.

Sapphire also provides food and non-alcoholic drinks, like cheesecake and energy drinks.

Why? You crave sugar when smoking hookah.

Hookah is a great way to socialize.

It is really no different now than going to a movie or gathering at a local Starbucks.

So next time you are looking for something to do on the weekend try going to a hookah bar.

It an easy way to gather with friends, go on a date in an intimate setting or meet new people.