Fashion student’s passion grew from childhood


Turn up the creative glam. It’s fashion, not function.

For many up and coming designers at Delta, fashion is more like a way of life. For them, fashion is art.

Peachez Smith, 29, is a Fashion Design student, who already has experience designing for a production.

“I have always been into fashion since I was a child. It started from watching my mom get dressed before she would go out on an evening shindig, or get up and ready for work. Just the way she would match everything to perfection,” Smith said.

This spring, Smith will receive a Design certificate and plans to finish up her general education within the next few semester with associate’s degree.

“I have experience in styling, visual merchandising, costume designing, accessory designing, as well as retailing. I plan on gaining much more experience once I finish school. My future plans in fashion is to continue to design costumes that have the naked eye thinking outside of the box,” she said. “I plan to continue to design accessories with my business partners Tareka McClellan and Shaunta Wilson. I also have another goal up my sleeve, but that is one you will all have to wait and see.”

Smith’s sense of style has captured fashion followers, as she steals the scene on stage.

Smith says her inspiration comes not from high-end designers, but from her audience.

“It’s the customer that is blown away by her new pair of earrings she is having a hard time believing I did by hand. It’s my creative team I work with that keeps me inspired,” she said.

Not only is she a Fashion Designer model, she’s a good luck charm for actors and actresses too.

“My other major inspirations developed as I developed costumes for a play production called “Dam/aged” written by Bronche TaySon as well as when two other women and I started to start our own accessory business, QT’S Accessories. Because of my desire to push talents, I then decided to return to school,” she said.

Tayson is also a Delta College student.

In today’s fashion industry, Smith is sure to bring her creative skills to the table.

“I do have a passion to design my own things, but it will more so be costumes and accessories. I do not design my own clothes that I wear on a daily, but I will quickly go to the thrift store, items from previous decades and revamp them to something that goes with me.”

After Delta, she looks forward to continue her masters on the East Coast.

“I will let God continue to guide my path,” she said.