Candy Bars, Cotton Candy, and Ice Cream at Starbucks?


Summer is just about here, which means, it’s hot – hotter than hot.

When it gets that hot the only thing you want to do is grab something cold to drink, right?

Ever thought about drinking a candy bar such as Twix or Snickers? It is now possible, with Starbucks Frappuccinos.

Starbucks “secret menu” has drinks designed to taste like these along with many others, such as cookies and cream, ice cream, Captain Crunch cereal, Orange Dreamsicle pops, cotton candy, cinnamon rolls and apple pie.

But here is the catch – Starbucks “secret menu” isn’t really a secret, it actually doesn’t exist.

The story behind all the customized drinks is that the baristas that work for Starbucks come up with these.

They play with different flavors and ingredients to create what individual baristas think tastes like a Twix, Snickers or other flavors.

So in other words, if you were to order a Twix at one store it may not be the same as a Twix at another store.

Shannin Hunter, manager of the Manteca Starbucks at Yosemite Avenue and Highway 99, said she created the Cotton Candy Frappuccino.

“The Cotton Candy Frappuccino is simply a Vanilla Bean Frapp, double the Vanilla Bean Powder and add one pump Raspberry,” said Hunter. “That’s it!”

Also at the Manteca Starbucks, Shift Leader Laura Berg, designed her own cookies and cream Frappuccino.

“Order any size White Mocha Frappuccino, made with Breve, add Toffee Nut and Java Chips. Also blend in whip cream to make it a little fluffy. Then put extra caramel in the cup,” said Berg. “Topped with whip, caramel and cookie crumble topping, sip and enjoy!”

There are many delicious options.

So if you want to try the Frappuccino go down to your local Starbucks and ask for a off menu drink, or if you are unsure ask your barista what their favorite is – they will all say something different.