The 10 Percent: Musicals for more than just the gay community


As I sit listening to show tunes, I wonder why on Earth do so many gay people love theatre?
The origins of this came to me when reading a recent column by Clarence Coo, a blogger for the playwrights foundation, which I follow.
The writer’s topic was about a bill legalizing same-sex marriage and a response that related to theater.
The response he heard the word “fabulous” uttered.
The writer defined the word.
“To fabulate is to concoct a lie so believable that it seduces like a good story. To be “fabulous” is to have the power of myth,” he explained.
Musicals are a form of storytelling.
They also can be a form of myth or fantasy.
That is why I believe LGBTQ+ people have a connection to musical theater.
They want to be in a world that has grace, honor, humor and some good music as a way to lighten their mood and avoid the hatred that is usually focused on the LGBTQ+ community.
Another columnist, Jim David who writes for the, says he was thrust into the world of theatre and he fell in love with it.
“Prancing around in costumes and make-up in front of an audience,” said David.
Just as anyone in the world enjoys being around other people who are like them, the world of theater welcomes every person regardless of differences.
The escape that theater offers is enticing to many LGBTQ+ people. It offers them a way to be the center of attention and not have to be themselves.
Yes, this can be a way to avoid the issue.
As theater is a way to make one feel better about their life, music does that for me.
In music it is not the who the person is, how they act or what they like it is how well they can work to make the performance the best it can be.
Theatre does just that.
It takes people of diverse backgrounds and asks them to forget their differences and come together as one to put on the best production they can.
There are people out there that think all men in theater are gay but this is far from true. Every type of person is involved in theater.
As with every other profession, there are all types of people involved. My drama history profesor asked me a question recently that made me think about ths connection.
Are there more LGBTQ+ people in theatre or is it just more open and accepted?
I am sure that the theatre arts are more accepting and just do not care. I know that theatre is not the only accepting career but it is one of the best known professions for the LGBTQ+ community.
Though theater people tend to be more open about whom they are and accept everyone more readily because they understand that everyone has a struggle.
They also know that people sometimes need a friend.

This is Brian Ratto’s final column as a staff writer for The Collegian. Read more about his views on the LGBTQ+ community, visit