Vapors provide clean alternative for kicking butts


When one thinks of the word vapor what comes to mind?

FLAVORTOWN: An assorted selection of vapors juices at Just the Tip Vapors in Stockton.
FLAVORTOWN: An assorted selection of vapors juices at Just the Tip Vapors in Stockton.

Vapor, by definition, is a substance that is in the form of a gas or that consists of small drops or particles mixed with the air.

When one thinks of cigarettes what comes to mind?

Cigarettes, by definition, are a small roll of paper filled with cut tobacco and smoked.

Cigarettes carry more than 699 different chemicals including: arsenic found in poison, methane found in sewer gas, carbon monoxide and cadmium found in batteries.

Vapors are quickly becoming a new trend, as an alternative to the more harmful cigarettes.

The proof comes in the opening of a new shop in Stockton, Just the Tip Vapors at 9305 Thornton Rd., Suite B.

The store opened Aug. 4. Employee Michael Lopez broke down what a vapor really is.

“It’s an alternative to smoking cigarettes, and literally an electronic cigarette or portable hookah,” said Lopez, 20.

The ingredients found in the “juice,” which is the igniter to the vapor, contains four compounds: Profane glycol which is found in inhalers, vegetable glycerin produced from pal oil, artificial flavoring and nicotine.

“There’s a reason why the U.S. Food and Drug administration (FDA) can’t find any health problems with it, it’s because it’s a clean alternative,” said Lopez.

Vapors came on the scene about seven years ago, and have become increasingly popular amongst various age demographics.

“Vaping” has also become widely accepted by numerous businesses, because the smoke emitted from the vapor device is not harmful and doesn’t cause second-hand smoke.

There are different types of vapes available, depending on what type the buyer is looking for.

Just the Tip Vapors owned by Ashley Davies and Nathan Grefe is the only strictly vapors shop and lounge in Stockton.

They offer mechanical vapors for the more advanced smoking connoisseurs, as well as an electronic eGo-C twist for the beginners base priced at $45 out the door which includes a charger, tank, case and lanyard.

Then there are the “pandas,” which are the same as blue e-cigarettes, but less harmful and with more hitting power.
“Mechanicals are a more high-end vapor and has better production,” said Lopez.

The shop offers over 44 different flavors of juice with more to come soon. Vendors range in location from Southern California, San Jose and Washington.

“A lot of smoke shops in this area sell knock offs, and they break,” said Lopez.

As far as the vape scene goes, Stockton was one of the last cities to be introduced to it. Los Angeles has had it for about two years; the Bay Area has had it for about six to eight months.

“Even Hawaii got it before Stockton, and they’re smack dab in the middle of the ocean,” said Lopez.

Many people have adopted vaping, over cigarettes and the switch is increasingly rising.

“I’ve tried everything,” said Lopez. “The patch, gum, pills, Blu cigs, nothing worked. I was used to smoking a pack and a half a day, vaping is the only thing that has helped me quit and I have been clean for three months.”

The nicotine level varies depending on what your selection is; Just the Tip Vapors offers zero milligrams, six milligrams, and 18 milligrams of nicotine level in all flavors of their juices.

“There are no proven harmful effects of vaping, which is why a lot of people have started,” said Daisy Jones, a Just the Tip Vapors employee.