iPhone update leaves students disappointed


Last month the iOS 7 update came out for the iPhone and other Mac devices.

It changed from its original appearance to more of an Android-style layout.

And yes, just like anything new, the system has some issues.

Within the Delta College community, many people had things to say about those issues.

Not surprisingly, many gave bad reviews.

Joe Alvarado was someone who thought the update was regrettable.

There where many reasons why he didn’t like the update, speed being the biggest reason.

“When I am on Facebook or on the Internet, in general, and I get a phone call, it takes forever to get off those things and into my call,” Alvarado said.

Ana Arredondo was one of the few people who liked the updates.

“I think it looks good. It has the HD look going on,” said Arredondo.

Arredondo also likes that the new system doesn’t freeze on her.

Another student, Bradleigh Strack was a little more open and more specific in expressing how she felt about her problems with iOS 7.

Strack said she regrets updating her phone.

“Earlier I was in a text message, and I tried to go back to the inbox. It completely froze to where I had to restart my phone,” she said.

Others reasons were similar when it came to why they dislike the update.

The main complaints were the lack of speed and battery. The freezing is another issue.

The vast majority think that the updates are horrible — horrible enough to switch phones.

Personally, I’ve switched to the HTC DNA instead.