Campus offers good, bad spots to link into wireless networks for student use


Finding a decent WiFi signal on the Delta College campus is easier said than done.

Depending on who your provider is, there are parts of campus where students have trouble even getting a signal for calls and texts.

The bad: parts of lower Danner Hall, Shima, Budd, Holt and Locke.

The good: Lower Danner Hall, Goleman Library and the new Science & Mathematics Building.

Some students say the speed is good on campus.

David Leca, a student, said there should be a campus-wide strong signal so students can use tablets or computers to access ebooks in classrooms.

Tareka McClellan, a member of ASBG and student trustee on the Board of Education, said there are good signals in library, the new Science & Mathematics Building and the ASBG office.

McClellan said students have a hard time accessing class schedule to get a student ID.

The subject has come up at past board meetings.

Jeff Sears from the Data Center on campus said the access points on most the campus are outdated.

Sears said the campus is looking to bring an outside company in to update access the access points.

Student James Yax uses the network, but said he has a hard time using wi-fi in the mobility center where he works on campus.

“I always have tried to get it in but it never seems to work for me,” Yax said.

Student Anai Arteaga said she use the network only when she knows it will work for her.

“I use it in the library because I know that’s the place to use student WiFi,” Artega said.