Balancing act of school, sports for softball player


College life can be very stressful for many students. Dealing with studying, homework and deadlines is daunting at times. Some students have jobs, extracurricular activities, sports and family responsibilities.

Imagine working, being a full time student, and participating in sports. Katie Bentz knows exactly what it’s like to balance work, school, and softball. It’s demanding and takes dedication.

“My work can work with my schedule which makes it a little bit easier to manage my time,” said Bentz. “We have to do zone time, three hours a week which helps with homework and studying.”

Athletes have to keep a good academic standing to continue playing their sport, which is why they are required to do zone time, a program that helps them stay on track with school and sports.

Long days and busy weekends are a part of Bentz life. “We have 3 games a week, 2 on Saturday, one on Tuesday,” Bentz said.

Sometimes she doesn’t get home until late at night and has to get up early and do it all over again.

On the other hand, Bentz still feels its worth it.
“I really enjoy it, especially this year because we’re doing so good and you get to meet new people that you could’ve never met before,” Bentz said.

Overall being a student athlete can be challenging yet rewarding. If you manage your time well and have dedication like Bentz you can have great benefits for your college experience.