Gallery Exhibit honors ‘Black Identity in America’


Delta College’s art gallery is featuring art revolving around “Black Identity in America” in response to February’s Black History Month.

The exhibit features pieces created by students as well as poetry written by students to match the theme.

Some of the art pieces in the exhibit are things such as “Kinfolk” created by Milton Bowens who according to the L.H. Horton Gallery website, which states that Bowens’ piece focuses on the interplay between past and present.

Other pieces become more personal to the artist such as “To All Those Who Think” by Paula deJoie who did a piece reflecting on the use of modern vocabulary.

Along with the art at the gallery there will also be a screening focusing on the identity of black males in America and opening up discussions to speak about identity within America while being “black” and “male.”

The screening will take place at the Tillie Lewis Theatre on March 10 at 12:30 p.m.

The event is free to all who wish to come and open to the public.