Online learning just as good: Different methods of learning different lifestyles


In today’s dwindling job market the competition amongst employees has been raised.

Workers are required to gain additional knowledge to advance in their field or simply maintain their current position.

As a result more and more people are going back to school.

People now have a selection of routes in which they can take when perusing higher education.

In this technologically-savvy world, online education is all the rage, and convenience is one of the main reasons why people choose online versus face-to-face education.

Many have mentioned that they have responsibilities such as jobs and family.

Due to their circumstances, they aren’t able to make it to campus for face-to face instruction.

Students and professors can either gather online at a certain time or on their own depending on class requirements.

Lectures and course material are always available online, therefore you can repeat anything that you may have missed the first time around.

Schools like Delta college also offer lessons that are conducted through what is known as a “hybrid” class.

Some lectures and class work are posted online along with traditional face-to-face instruction.

Instructors are able to start or continue in class discussions online or vice versa which can effectively integrate the two learning environments.

Another aspect of online education is the maturity level. On college campuses, the average age is 18-21.

Many campuses provide numerous social events and activities, which can cause a young student, who has just recently become independent, to be easily sidetracked.

There is a sense of guidance that a face-to-face instructor can provide for the younger students.

Young students may lack organizational skills and need an instructor present to supervise them.

A mature student wouldn’t need an instructor in front of them to make sure they are completing assignments.

The final factor is the cost.

College tuition can get pretty expensive at a traditional campus.

Online classes eliminate much of the expenses linked to college such as housing, commuting and loan debt.

Both have pros and cons and it comes down to what is right for an individual’s situation.