Don’t Push Away Possible Future, Suitor


For women, being attractive and good looking is most certainly a way to get a guy’s attention.

The wonderful thing about this is that every man has his own preference as to what he considers good looking.

No two men think alike.

Paul’s definition of chubby may be John’s definition of what he considers thick, while Tim’s definition of skinny may be what Michael’s considers the average size for a woman.

No matter what the case is in your situation, if he’s with you it’s obviously for a good reason so don’t make the crucial mistake that so many other women do … Pushing him away.

One thing guys hate is when they have to constantly uplift their girlfriend’s spirit because she’s insecure about her body or appearance.

So what if your body will never have a body like Jennifer Lopez, very few people do.

And who cares if your breast aren’t like Pamela Anderson’s, they’re paid for.

So stuff all your insecurities and negative thoughts in a sock, you’ve already got the guy. If he can accept all the flaws attached to who you are, then why can’t you?

Another brilliant way to push a guy further away in a relationship is by being catty.

“Save the drama for yo mama,” we’re not interested in the messy situations your friends got themselves into and how their relationships are barely holding on.

Unfortunately, if you’re the type of woman that does this form of pillow talk, it wouldn’t shock me if you’ve blown a promising relationship in the past.

Worrying so much about what other people are doing in their relationship, only takes away time and energy that you should invest into your own. Men prefer to keep their relationships drama-free.

Definition: Keeping all possible dark forces far away from interfering with our situation.

But the main reasons, men create distance in a relationship is the lack of support we receive when it comes to goals and nagging.

Deep down inside you might think his chances of becoming a famous tattoo artist are slim to none but if that’s his goal and you’re his woman, then you should support it one hundred percent.

Or maybe you’re not a basketball fan and hate watching it, don’t complain and ruin the moment for him of seeing Kobe scoring 40 on the Pacers, by pouting like a baby who can’t have any chocolate milk after 5 p.m.

It only takes a few wrestling moves to get a guy right where you want him.

Once he’s within arms-reach, close enough for you to grab, pull him in and pin him into submission.

It’s keeping your man happy and willing to grow old with you that requires a little more of a thought process.