Finding a date via the Internet


Today, if you’re not a social person who can express feelings towards someone you find attractive, the Internet has made life much easier.

Various outlets exist for people to connect and re-connect with those who share their same outlook on life and views on relationships.

Currently on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, millions of Americans are using these apps to meet new people.

These individuals are seeking some sort of friendship that can potentially become long term.

Does this way of making a connection have good results?

The social media king creates the opportunity for users to rekindle past relationships, along with starting new ones with someone from your days in school, but never got around to actually dating.

It’s a great way to connect with people from local sounding areas, all the way across the globe to people you’ve never meet in London.

On this platform, users are dealing with people you don’t see often or never see at all, until the two of you decide who’s flying out who.

This is probably the worst place to meet new people from the Internet.
The “Gram” (when used for dating purposes) is merely a platform for men and women to display their lust/thirst toward the opposite sex.

However, your chances of making a real connection on Instagram are slim to none, due to the multiple likes and comments that your crush might receive.

Viewing pictures and comments attached can ruin one’s eyesight for good.

If he or she is averaging 100-400 likes on pictures, you’re in for stiff competition.

If your luck on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, runs out there are other websites and mobile apps for you to try for a chance at love.

Perhaps you’re not the relationship type, and just prefer a casual hook up.

These are two of the most popular official dating sites right now. These sites allow users more depth into each other for the sole purpose of making a short-term connection, usually with no strings attached.

No matter how you slice it, meeting new people strictly via the Internet can have a seesaw affect.

Things might go good for a while but then all of a sudden fizzles out, or the person you’ve been communicating with back and forth is a Catfish — looks nothing like how they appear online.

The scary part about dating someone you’ve met via the Internet is that you never really know whom you’re dealing with.

Suppose your new friend is a mentally unstable, criminal with a hatred for hearing the word NO…

You might be the next person in line filing for a restraining order.

If things really go south, you could be the next one seen on the evening news with firefighters and police officers removing a stalker from your chimney.