New Breathalyzer device helps keeps roads safe


In the midst of all the chaos across the globe, there’s actually people making attempts to create safer environments for fellow citizens.

Who would have thought it?

In places such as Delaware, Newark and Mayland, Breathalyzer vending machines have been installed with the hope it will give customers a second thought before driving home intoxicated.

This could be an innovative idea that changes bars for the better.

It can also be a new bar game for alcoholics to see drunk the fastest.

Either way, it is better to have tried and failed than to have never tried at all.

The new sheriff in town goes by the name of the “Boozelator 5000.”

This drunk detector cost exactly $1 to use, which sounds a lot cheaper than the hundreds of dollars getting a DUI can take out of your pockets, the cost in car repairs after you get into a crash, or the manslaughter/murder charge, because you were too drunk to drive.

The Boozelator 5000 was put on the market in Jan. 2014 and is the successor of the Boozelator 3001, which made its grand entrance 2010.

As great as the predecessor was, its flaw was that it only warned consumers not to drive when they reached the legal limit of 0.08 percent.

Therefore, when one lucky drunk would receive a 0.07 tally, they were granted the ability to drive home safely, as if they weren’t just as drunk as the person who got 0.08.

Well not to fear, because the Boozelator 5000 will tell you to take a cab for a Breathalyzer reading as low
as 0.00 percent.

As a result, in the coming days when this cultural phenomenon makes it’s way into our local bars, just know that you probably won’t be driving yourself home that night if the Boozelator has anything to say about it.

If all else fails, it is a solid idea to drop the number of drunk drivers on the roads and lower the possibilities of fatal tragedies to something as idiotic as drunk driving.