Airsoft bringing first person shooter to life


I recently asked participants opinions about three indoor combat sports laser tag, airsoft, paintball, and you would be surprised of their answers.

About laser tag, I was told that it is a family friendly game, but some people find it boring. You are put in a arena with a vest on and a gun that shoots a laser and when your shot the vest vibrates and you have to wait ten seconds before you can continue to play.

Don De’vour is a referee at CQB City, an airsoft location on Eight Mile Road in Stockton, said he rarely takes his children to go to laser tag because they would rather play airsoft.

As a DJ I came across Don De’vour, he was looking for someone who was would play music for him at a day of the dead event in Stockton I said sure because I was looking for ways to get my name out. Since the event was a great success, Mr.De’vour asked me if I would like to walk in the parade of lights in Lodi.

After the parade was over I was introduced to the owner of CQB City Joey Rubio, who goes by “Chief”, and he told me I should come check out airsoft since I didn’t know anything about airsoft. For the past month I have been volunteering there playing music and doing light shows with Lasers. I have became good friends with them that I can take pictures and hold their airsoft guns and hang out on the field in the base.

Edward Tomao is a professional paintballer employed at Extreme Paint Ball in Modesto and he said laser tag is for families and is boring.

Tomao also states there are several different levels of playing paintball from the beginner all the way to the Splat Zone, the highest level of play.

He also mentioned that they get about 100-150 people a weekend at Extreme Paint Ball.

I asked Tomao his opinion about airsoft.

He said airsoft was made for military-type people.

At CQB City, people talked about what they thought of airsoft, paintball and laser tag. Devin Smith is a referee at the arena.

I asked Smith what makes airsoft better than paintball or laser tag.

He said players get gun safety training. They learn how to use teamwork and build leadership skills.

CQB city is also a full training facility for police tactical forces.

In the end most of the people I spoke to prefer playing airsoft over paintball.