Mayweather goes distance in fight of century


It’s finally over. There’s a pound for pound champ of the decade.Two judges scored the bout 116-112 and the other 118-110.

Those numbers are lofting in favor of Mayweather, whom everyone sees as unanimous winner.

Do the numbers tell the whole story?

No. This is boxing we’re talking about, each round matters.

Not much happened, and the numbers effectively display that.

Mayweather kept Pacquiao beyond arm’s reach making it difficult for Pacquiao to land consistently.

The distance was kept by Mayweather’s footwork and speed, backing up and slipping to the right or left of Pacquiao for most of the fight.

Mayweather had no intentions of making it a slugfest.

Mayweather generally toys with his opponents for significant amounts of time throughout fights, keeping opponents missing and landing heavy counter punches.

Pacquiao was too skilled to allow those tactics to work.

Pacquiao did hurt Mayweather, landing hard punches, freezing Mayweather multiple times especially in the fourth round.

There was a significant moment of change in the fight in the eighth round when Mayweather landed his strongest and cleanest punch of the fight, which Pacquiao took like it was a jab.

Pacquiao had no choice other than to chase Mayweather down for each of the last rounds.

The world believes Mayweather dominated the fight through his typical evasive mastery and counter punch timing.

Three judges and media not named Skip Bayless are in agreement Mayweather is the better and true champion.

Don’t tell Pacquiao. After the fight, he said: “I thought I won the fight. He didn’t do nothing.”

Mayweather is the winner, according to the judges. 48-0 is his record.

A rematch is possible and is becoming probable due to Mayweather claiming that he wouldn’t mind another bout with Pacquiao.