Pillow Talk: Don’t fall into the shade cycle


The most awkward moment after a breakup, whether it was a mutual agreement or against your will is releasing the hurt inside your heart.

Far too often, after a relationship ends the battle of words begin.

Friends and family members divide into separate countries, and wars are waged based on who they believe was wrong and who was right in the separation.

The length of the relation most certainly play a big part in the shade that’ll be thrown once the end of the road is reached.

We all have ways of venting our frustration in different forms of payback.

Some choose to go the social media route by posting continuous posts on Facebook tweets on Twitter, and notably leaving pictures on Instagram with ego shredding captions so everyone can form their opinion.

This is a way to show your friends and family how petty you can be, when things fall apart.

It’s always funny hearing about someone all of a sudden throwing shade, when they were just living it up under the sun like it never rains in Northern California.

Being able to split from a relationship amicably shows a lot of character and ability to move on with your life without a missing a step.

Truthfully, moving on and never mentioning the other person does more damage.

When the one who got dumped asks a mutual friend “has such-n-such been asking about me,” and the messengers response is no, that’s when the one who can’t let that hurt go immediately reacts in a negative way.

Living with hate in your heart only makes the days of being single go by much slower.

So what if your ex continues to slander you on social media, just think about the days of old when they used to send you daily three paragraph text messages, and countless voicemails about how much they adore you.

That should bring a big Kool-Aid smile to your face.

Finding out someone you once cared about is now down playing your relationship as if it never meant anything is a common thing among young adults. That doesn’t mean you have to participate in throwing shade.

If you have to un-friend or block them from your social media outlets, then do it.

What your ex isn’t allowed to see will only make them more furious and a level 10 stalker, but when it’s all said and done you’ll be relieved from all the nonsense of someone trying to ruin your day.