Teen pregnancy not end of the road


According to DoSomething.org, three in 10 American girls will get pregnant at least once before the age of 20. That’s nearly 750,000 teen pregnancies every year.

We all know someone who has had a child during their teen years, but how do you respond to it?

Are you supportive? Are you appalled? Do you feel pity for her or do you just accept the situation?

It’s no secret not everyone is supportive of teens who end up pregnant.

“People stopped talking to me and eventually I had a handful of friends,” said Synthea Flores, a Delta student and mother of a one-year old.

Young pregnant women are going through a hard enough time as it is with their bodily changes as well as financial situations. People who project hate or disdain against them can only make it worse.

Not always, but in most cases the shame and blame land all onto the mother.

There is a negative stigma put on single mothers regarding a lack of responsibility and irrational behavior. This couldn’t be more false.

It’s not most people’s plan to face a situation such as pregnancy at a young age, but it happens.

The only thing one can do is to be supportive.

“[I am] going to school full time, working and parenting. I occasionally enjoy time to myself and with friends,” added Flores.

Becoming a young mother or a single parent doesn’t mean you will become a bad parent. Plenty of young parents have raised determined and successful children despite the troubles they may have faced.

As the result of a teen pregnancy myself, I can safely say that a child’s life can be just as happy and fulfilling as a child born from an older mother or married couple.

Places such as Delta have made it possible for men and women who have children to afford to further their education. It’s likely that many of your classmates have a baby or a child they have to take care of after class.

There are so many opportunities for young parents to excel in this world. If someone does have a child, it isn’t a tragedy that is going to end their life.

Flores graciously wanted to give some advice to any young mommies or daddies out there.

“Don’t give up, the road is tough… don’t lose faith either, there are many programs and resources that are willing to aid and help single young mothers. Don’t let the opinions of others scare or discourage you. It’s tough but strengthening as well and well worth it,” she said.