Taps Bar-N-Grill review


I’m greeted by the hostess as I walk into Taps Bar-N-Grill, who talks to me about the Taps Card and how to get signed up.

Taps is a self-service style of restaurant with a card that a customer uses when ordering food or purchasing drinks such as beer on tap, wine and well-drinks.

The only required information to sign up is an email address, phone number, and amount of money customers would like to put on your Taps card.

I added $20, gave them my credit card to swipe the transfer to my Taps card.

The restaurant was busy for its opening celebration on Dec. 5.

A waitress at the restaurant seated me at the “El Dorado” table, which had the name carved into it.

“Well we’re opening the door for Taps Bar-N-Grill, giving a kick off to this opening of this restaurant,” said Tremaine Manning, the owner of the restaurant. “We’ve been working hard.”

Manning said he wanted to do something big for Stockton, which is why the tables are named after parts of town – incorporating the city into the establishment.

The menu included clam chowder in a bread bowl. Taps offered wings too. I ordered a Coca-Cola to drink. The wings were lemon peppered flavored.

The restaurant included a self-serve beer tower built into the table.

It was awesome. Patrons place the Taps card to order the drink, then you pour the drink.

“What we’re doing here is new, something new to Stockon,” said Manning. “Stockton has their very first served beer and at each table we have a self served beer … You can pour a half a glass or a full of glass, any type of glass you need to quench your thirst.”

The food arrived and was good. The lemon pepper wings included 10 wings. Manning said there are specials going on right now. The wings varieties include Buffalo wings, honey spicy, lemon pepper, barbecue, hot, teriyaki and garlic Parmesan – are $8.99. The Angus steak is $15.99.

“We have a great soup from clam chowder you can get it in a bowl or a bread bowl, we have excellent pizza, we’re probably try to set the trends downtown with our pepperoni pizza combination Pizza Hawaiian, Italian, veggie pizza, After Burner that’s a flaming hot pizza, appetizer we have many different list of appetizer here at Taps Bar n
Grill, we have a mean fish and chips, I can say hands down one of the best,” said Manning.

Manning is an alumnus of Delta College, who finished his degree at Sacramento State University, born and raised in Stockton.

“I wanted to do something for Stockton. My clients my colleagues my partners, they wanted to do something for Stockon as well,” said Manning. “We wanted to bring something to Stockton.”