#TRENDING: Bieber fever fully spread


We’re all beliebers now.
No need to worry, just accept it.
Justin Bieber has been a household name since his youtube breakout in
His hit songs “One Time” and “One Less Lonely Girl” spread like
wildfire. Millions of fangirls bond together online.
As Bieber grew, he continued to disappoint his fans by getting into
trouble with the law and with public perception.
At the bottom of his downward spiral, Bieber and long time beloved
girlfriend Selena Gomez broke up, breaking hearts all over the world.
It seemed as if Bieber would be just another dysfunctional famous
child star that was aging immaturely with inevitable rehabilitative
Then 2015 came around and changed everything, beginning with the
highly popular Comedy Central Roast of Justin Bieber. The cast
included Snoop Dogg, Shaq, Martha Stewart, Hannibal Burris and other
well-known comics and celebrities.
The roast seemed to be a cleansing experience for Bieber,
acknkowledging all of the wrongdoings of the past, and laughing them
off with the world.
Later in the year, Bieber dropped the single “Where Are U Now?”
collaboration with Skrillex and Diplo.
It was a huge success and quickly followed by more singles, “Sorry”
and “What Do you Mean”.
His album “Purpose” dropped Nov. 13, 2015.
Fans rejoiced in response to the meaningful music. Almost all of the
music videos for “Purpose” don’t have Bieber starring in them.
The album focuses on taking pride in yourself and not letting the past
hinder you.
Fans who were disappointed by his previous mistakes are happy to
return to the fandom. In addition, the Bieber fan base is growing
with new fans, not only young screaming girls, but males and females
of all ages.
As someone who grew up listening to Justin Bieber, I can say that it
has been a rollercoaster so far, but the future looks bright for the
Biebs and his Beliebers.