Mustang Voice: Predictions on the new semester

“I think it’s going to go better than last semester. My teachers seem pretty great… the homework schedule isn’t too packed… I Really enjoy it here, it’s a good experience,” said Amanda Faye Lemon.
“I think it’ll be better than last semester. Just in general, the campus climate has been pretty good. I feel like people are pretty fresh and hoping to start something different because of the new year,” said Julie Golingan Roberts.
“It’s going pretty well so far. The classes that stand out to me are my English class, my professor is kind of crazy… a good crazy,” said Jose Cuevas.
“I Feel pretty good. I think if i can just apply myself i can get through all my classes perfectly fine. My piano professor Nuby, she’s really helpful. She’s really hands on, she wants to teach you, she likes her job more than anything else i would say,” said Chris Arizu.
“Here at Delta College, it’s pretty easy. My psych teacher, Professor Dylan, likes helping students and her class is really easy,” said ChanZe Leyag.