Amazon raises costs for free shipping, leaving students with few cheap options for books


For Amazon shoppers there’s a new plan of action when it comes to free shipping.

The price for patrons to receive free shipping made a 40 percent jump from the last increase that took place in 2013, which had it go from $25 dollars to $35 dollars.

Amazon shoppers now have to spend at least $49 dollars on eligible items just to get free shipping.

However, the books free shipping starts at $25 dollars only on books that qualify.

The $49 dollar increase does not affect the Amazon Prime and Amazon student members.

With textbook costs al- ready high, the increase takes even more money out of students’ pockets.

“All my books cost about $100 dollars,” said Delta student Rebekka Smith who uses Amazon. She considers the jump “reasonable.”

Amazon wants to continue to grow its Prime member- ship, which could be one of the main reasons for a price increase.

While the increase of shipping does not apply to prime members, they are still speaking out their concerns.

“I feel like that’s a rip off,” said Ytzel Gonzalez, a student who is also a Prime member. Prime members spend $99 dollars a year on a membership allowing them to have two-day shipping and free same day delivery in eligible ZIP codes and all the other benefits of being a prime

According to the Cooperative Institutional Research Program (CIRP), Amazon Prime members spend an average of $1,100 dollars while non-members spend $600 dollars on products.

When asked if the shipping increase would stop them from using Amazon both Gonzalez and Smith said no.

There’s a mixed reaction on the price increase here at Delta College.

Students often find textbooks are only offered at the Delta bookstore for a higher price than the online distributors offer.

With this jump in shipping cost from Amazon, students now have fewer cheap options.

Delivery costs for online distributors have increased, which could be another reason for the new cost in free shipping. says Amazon’s net shipping cost have passed more than $5 billion dollars for 2015.

This is a reflection on what Amazon charges customers and what it cost to pay to send the items to outside carriers.