Delta Fashion Club holds annual art fair


Are you interested in majoring in fashion or looking for a fun club to be in? The fashion club might be the perfect fit for you.

The fashion club is open to any Delta student taking a fashion class or who have completed at least three units in a fashion class.

“The club is great to have more opportunities for students to meet other’s and to travel but they have to fundraise first. We also do marketing online. About five years ago, students got the opportunity to travel to France to meet professional fashion industries and professional fashion experts as well,” said David Flores, fashion professor and club adviser.

The Fashion major students get internships according to David Flores, fashion major and club member.

The Spring Fair offers an opportunity for independent and branded vendors to sell their merchandise and promote their business.

“Events such as the ‘Nearly New Sale,’ take place every spring at Delta. Fashion shows only happen if students fundraise for one. Right now, we are currently trying to raise money to attend the Oscar De La Renta event in San Francisco that will take place during Spring break, somewhere in March 2016. Not sure what exact date yet,” said Flores.

The money fundraised from these events not only goes to traveling, but to their fashion shows as well.

The events vary, but it usually happens every Spring and Fall semester.

Whether you are apart of the club or not, you can volunteer to help.

“We are currently looking for any volunteers to volunteer to help set up during events,” said Flores

For more information about the club or about volunteering, contact Asfour or Flores

You may contact Flores through email at davidflores@

The Fashion Club meets every Monday at 4 p.m. in Shima 306.