Stockton group seeking artists


The Downtown Stockton Alliance (DSA) is making a call to any experienced artists to help make a mural postcard trail in the downtown area of Stockton.

“This is a serious project and we are very excited about it. We believe it is a great idea to have art in a format reminiscent of a postcard that could be displayed on blank walls where people and visitors to the city could take pictures,” said Cynthia Fargo, DSA chief executive officer.

In the recent years Stockton’s downtown area has seen new art that incorporates much of what is in the city or what the city has to offer.
If you drive through downtown Stockton you could see utility boxes at many corners of the streets with painted murals made by professional and student artists.

So what makes this project different?

“This more of a legacy project to leave for the community interpreting key points of Stockton’s culture and history. Eventually we want to see a murals set up in a trail to guide people in the city through the city’s history,” said Fargo.

The DSA suggests themes to consider are greetings from Stockton, agriculture around Stockton, famous Stocktonians and important Stockton history.

“It’s nice to know that Stockton’s community is given the opportunity to show their talent and make their city look good …We don’t get to do that often,” said Andrea Perez, a local Stockton artist and former volunteer for the DSA.

There are specific guidelines for any artist who wishes to participate in this upcoming project.

“An artist must submit an art piece of the intended artwork that would go on the wall. The first two artists that fit the guidelines will be chosen to participate in the project,” said Fargo.

Artists have until March 15 to submit proposals.

The first two artists with eligible designs will be selected on March 22 and will start working with the DSA to start the plans of the project.

“The artists will be given $5,000 stipends per mural for preparation, supplies and cooperation with property owners,” added Fargo.

The specific walls of where the murals will be painted are still not decided and the DSA is still working with property owners to make that decision.

Fargo urges anyone who is interested in participating in the postcard mural trail project to go online to the downtown Stockton Alliance website,, for further details on requirements and guidelines to have a chance in being selected for this upcoming project.

Over time the DSA wants to expand on the project and possibly provide more opportunities for the community to participate in.

For more information and questions call the Downtown Stockton Alliance at (209) 888-8621.