Clinton, Trump likely to be presidential choices


If the primaries of the Republican and Democratic parties continue along their current course, it’s likely Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will be the choices to lead the country.

Both Clinton and Trump lead their rivals in delegates, Hillary leads with 766 (with pledged, but flexible super delegates that number jumps to 1,223) of 2,382 to Bernie Sanders’ 554, Trump leads with 460 delegates of 1,237 with Cruz trailing at 370, Rubio with 162 and finally Kasich with 63.

So far, Trump has made people uneasy. “Between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton and I would choose Clinton as the lesser of two evils. She’s less aggressive than he is, and I don’t believe in deporting people and all that nonsense,” said Tatiana Washington, a Delta student.

However, not all sold on Trump’s negatives or Hillary Clinton’s positives. “I’m leaning towards Trump. He’s given the straight up answers people want. Clinton’s got the charisma, but I’m not sure people will vote for her due to the email scandals and her husband’s actions during his time as President. The way things are, I lean towards Trump but I’d like to see more information on either side before I decide to vote,” said James Colton another Delta student.  

Some students find both of the potential nominees equally unfathomable.

“I wouldn’t vote at all because they’re both shady. Trump was a known billionaire before he started running and Hillary Clinton has the email scandal following her,” said Anthony Leric

Despite this however, the primaries aren’t over.

Trump might be the Republican nominee, and Clinton could be the Democratic nominee or neither could be.

Bernie Sanders still has a strong shot at the Democratic nomination, especially after his Michigan victory, and the GOP is so desperate to stop Trump it might just broker its convention, meaning they will have no front-runner with enough delegates to be nominated and will have to select a nominee via a streamlined vote.