Staff writer’s picks top five all time NFL free agents


Jerry Rice to Oakland

In the early 2000s the Raid- ers were Super Bowl contenders and with the addition of Rice the Raiders would go on to play in the 2002 Super Bowl.

However, not even Rice could help the Silver and Black as they were defeated by former head coach Jon Gruden and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Kurt Warner to Arizona

The Arizona Cardinals had never made it to the Super Bowl until Kurt Warner became the starting quarterback.

The Cardinals signed free agent Warner from the New York Giants in 2005.

In 2008 he replaced 2006 first round bust, Matt Lienhart. TheCardinalswereonemin-

ute away from capturing the team’s first title, but were not able to stop the Pittsburgh Steel- ers final drive falling in the final seconds.

Deion Sanders to Dallas

Deion Sanders is considered to be one of the best Corner- backs to have ever played the game.

He left the San Francisco 49ers following the team’s 1994 Super Bowl victory to join the Dallas Cowboys.

Expectations were high and the Cowboys would go on to win the franchise third Super Bowl in four years, clinching the name, the “Team Of The Decade.”

Reggie White to Green Bay

When the Green Bay Pack- ers signed Reggie White it was considered the biggest free agent signing of the time.

After the emergence of Brett Favre the duo would help the team return to the big stage back to back years, winning one in 1997.

Peyton Manning to Denver

Peyton Manning had just come off three neck surgeries and sat out the entire 2011 sea- son.

Manning would make the gamble pay off for the Orange Crush, winning the National Football League MVP in 2013

by throwing for the most yards in a season (5,477) and the most touchdowns (55).

The future Hall Of Famer would end his football resume by taking the Bronco’s to two Super Bowls, winning the sec- ond time, and final game of his career.