Eenie Meinie Miney Moe


Warning Spoilers ahead.

AMC’s The Walking Dead wrapped up season six on a cliffhanger leaving viewers wondering,” who was killed?”

While the finale brought in a rating of 6.9 with an 12.38 million fans according to series finally introduced anticipated leader of the Saviors, Negan played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

The show is based off the iconic comic book of the same name created by Robert Kirkman and follows survivors in a zombie apocalypse world.

Reports of Morgan signing on to the show’s cast to play Negan started back in November, and brought fear to the show’s fan base due to a major character being beaten to death in the comic book by the Madman’s favorite weapon ”Lucille”.

A baseball bat covered in barbwire.

In a Facebook post Louis Martinez wrote, “All I can say is I really hope it’s not how the comics go. Negans first victim in the comics is my favorite show on The Walking Dead!”

While fans anticipated the Finale, the writers of the show did not miss a chance to play with their viewer’s emotions this season.

In the third episode called, “Thank You”, Show regular Glenn Played by Steven Yuen and fellow survivor known as Nicholas, were surrounded by Walkers (zombies) on a garbage can.

After saving Nicholas twice, he commits suicide, causing him and Glenn to fall and becoming walker food.

Fans instantly went into a social media frenzy upset while mourning the likeable character.

While fans of the comic book assured them that Glenn had to be alive for a certain major


AMC went as far as to take Yuen’s name off the opening credits.

For three weeks, viewers waited anxiously to know Glenn’s fate.

In the end, the fan favorite miraculously survived by being able to hide under the garbage can, while blocking attacks with the Walker bodies.

The home of the survivors, Alexandria, is also put under an attack by thousands of Walkers being able to invade the guarded community.

The residents are forced to walk between the dead covered in the dead bodily intestines, as dead cannot sense a living body that way, as shown in season one.

The mid-season Finale ends with the group arm in arm, only for a child to freak out and start whining Mom as the Walker’s growl and the scene goes black.

Seems to be a pattern so far.

Six months later, the story continues with much fan fare as (viewers_, only for the mid-season to changes from the little baby complaining, to just losses his mind, and is eaten by three walkers.

As his mother refuses to let go of his hand, which causes her to draw the dead’s attention, and she is soon mauled to death.

As the show goes on, Lead character Rick and Maggie’ glens wife played meet up with a group who are terrorized by Negan’s men.

Not knowing what they are facing, the group makes a deal to kill Negan for half of the places supplies.

What follows is a blood bath of Rick’s group killing the enemies’ crew with rocket launchers, burning some alive in a trapped room and an invasion into one of the Saviors compound.

However, on the Finale called, Last Day on Earth, the villians have the last word.

They round up the show’s main cast, take their weapons, and make them kneel down before the big moment.

Negan is introduced and for the next 10-15 minutes the psychotic tells the groups leader he is not going to kill them, as they now work for him.

However, one must be sacrificed for the men that Rick’s people have killed.

While the killer cannot make up his mind, he decides to do walk by each character putting Lucille in their face as he rhymes Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe.

As Negan makes his selection, the camera turns into a first person shot.

Lucille is put to work as the characters shriek in horror as the bloody kill continues in a faded black screen.

While many fans were upset that the series did not show who was killed off, other followers have been excited for the next season.

Adding to the post with Jacob Emerson wrote: “I think it was an amazing finale. It opened up good opportunities for the show to move forward. Emerson goes onto write, “Negans first scene was on point! They really showed how intense season 7 will be. I’ll definitely be watching again in October.”

While the answer of whose fate fell to Lucille won’t be known until season 7, the show runners did their job on giving fans plenty of water cooler talk.