Is financial aid being used for personal items or school needs?


Financial aid has been a big problem for colleges and many students are taking advantage of it by not using it wisely.

Many college students use financial aid for unnecessary items when they should be spending it on their college expenses first rather on what they want.

When using it properly, it can benefit your education and better career prospects, like an investment in yourself.

It’s usually the students that show up to campus, receive financial aid and don’t engage in their academics that abuse the financial aid system.

It doesn’t only affect the college itself but the students that want to be enrolled in certain classes.

There is no more room for potential students wanting classes when someone takes a class and drops it using the class just for the extra money

Plenty of students have complained the financial aid they receive isn’t enough for all school expenses and demand of more help from the government.

What do students spend their financial aid on first?

“Textbooks, supplies for classes and usually towards groceries, personal means and maybe once In while a fun thing but usually that’s pretty minor use of the money and mostly towards needs,” said Delta College student Jason Robinson.

From 2001-11, the total amount of federal financial aid awarded to students jumped from $64 billion to an estimated $164 billion according to the U.S. department of education.

A way many people should use financial aid properly is to pay for all the classes and all the class materials first like books and other materials necessary in the class.

Some students might need a laptop or a newer one and that’s a good investment because a laptop is actually one of the most important school materials that every college student needs.

“After making sure I had all my classes paid away I went to see how much books were and after that bought materials for the classes and I received an average amount of financial aid,” said Delta student Michael Jose.

Then the rest of the money that they have leftover should be used for their own free will but personally I think it would be better to save some of it and keep track on how much is spent.

There has been many new things added to the financial aid requirements like passing 67 percent units that the student attempted that term and must maintain above a 2.0 GPA which is associated with Delta College requirements.

If the students don’t meet the requirements, they would have to pay back the college what was given to them.