Presidential primaries update: May 4


On May 3, the presidential primaries continued, this time in Indiana. Bernie Sanders continues down his narrow path towards the Democratic nomination with an upset victory in the state.

Donald Trump slammed the door on any hope that he will not be the Republican nominee as Ted Cruz dropped out of the race after losing, and John Kasich dropped out the morning of May 4, after failing to pick up states beyond his home state of Ohio.

Trump is now free to pivot his resources onto the general election and set his sights on Hillary Clinton, who is likely to be the Democratic nominee.

Clinton has already made her pivot to the general election after her blowout in the north east.

Trump won all 57 delegates. Sanders walked away with 43 delegates to Clinton’s 37.

Sanders’ total delegate count comes to 1,361 and Clintons to 1,682, with flexible super delegates who will officially cast their votes at the Democratic convention, this counts come up to 1,400 and 2,202 respectively.

The next primary is in West Virginia on May 10. California’s primary will be on June 7.