Underground railroad legend honored with face on $20 bill

Harriet Tubman $20 Bill

The U.S Treasury announced that they would be making changes to the 20, 10 and 5 dollar bills in the upcoming years.

The one change that has everyone talking about is the removal of the face of Andrew Jackson on the 20 dollar bill.

Tubman Bill

Instead they will be adding Harriet Tubman a woman who dedicated her
life to fight for liberty.

“I think it’s both scary and something we needed in a good way! Scary because of what the whites are willing to do to stop this from happening like can you imagine how far the KKK will go just to stop this? It’s scary. Good Because America need to show diversity in all that it does including money. An African American woman who is as iconic as she is, it’s amazing.” Said Enrique Mejia.

Harriet Tubman was a woman that made a big impact in US history.

She was born into slavery but after she escaped she lead other slaves to freedom by helping them scape.

In the Civil War she was a big helper by assisting as a cook, nurse, scouter and gathering intelligent supporters.

She was also a big supporter to the cause of woman suffrage.
I think this change on the bills is awesome. America needs more diversity since we are constantly changing. Harriet Tubman legacy was very touching and inspirational.

However I think that Martin Luther King Jr.’s face should be on one of the bills because he dedicated his life to bring everyone together.

He was an extraordinary man that deserves more recognition. We should also incorporate Rosa Parks another woman who was such a strong woman that started the movement of freedom.

However some people are not too thrilled about the new change.

“I think people will be upset with the change, especially Andrew Jackson’s descendants,” said Delta student Ana Chavez.

“Why do they need to even change anything? If they think she is so important, they need to put her face on something that is going to represent what she did. Not take somebody’s face off and just put her, like if he doesn’t mean anything,” said Marcella Ladany.

To the other bills, the current faces will remain but they will have some changes on the backside of the bills.

On the 10 dollar bill it will showcase the celebration of the woman’s suffrage movement by highlighting some of the women that was a big part of the movement.

And the 5 dollar will be featuring the man that changed so much which is Martin Luther King Jr. alongside with other important people.