Months into new program, Starbucks customer adjust


In February Starbucks announced changes to its rewards program and many customers weren’t happy.

“I hate the new program, why should I have to spend about $60 dollars just get a free item that’s worth around $5 dollars,” said customer I’La Wylie.

On the new program, for every dollar spent you will earn two stars.

It will also take customers 300 stars to reach the Gold Level status and to receive a free reward, you need 125 stars.

“Its great news that Starbucks has more options to earn stars much faster to get that free item and reach gold status to enjoy those perks,” said customer Yaneli Ortiz.

Starbucks has now extended their rewards to the Teavana stores and even grocery stores.

Customers can earn rewards from purchasing certain Starbucks items from their local grocery store.

Since the new changes been in effect for about three weeks it seems as if customers are responding in a positive way.

It’s not known if Starbucks has lost revenue or loyal customers to other coffee chains like Dunkin Doughnuts or Pete’s Coffee.

Many customers are happy with the new changes, since you can earn rewards outside of a Starbucks location.

“I like the new program. Better than having to split each drink you buy and now you can get your money’s worth,” said customer Ashley Morales.

Starbucks added in a bonus to retain its new and non-gold level customers by offering for a limited of time to be upgraded to Gold Level, but only if a purchase is made by May 12.