Player now, then battle


On Sept. 3, Delta College’s women’s water polo team held an alumni game where past Lady Mustangs took on against current players.
“It’s more of a reunion, your current team versus your older players, and I love this, the players that I used to coach and see going against the players now. It’s like battling against myself,” Nathan Varosh, head coach of the team, said.
The game ended 10-15 with Delta’s alumni taking the win.
“I was really nervous I thought that there was no chance we would win, but we did good,” said current sophomore goalie Shelby Stephens.
“I feel like we played to the best, there’s things that we can work on, but it was a good game,” said Stephens.
The teams played similar to each other, making the game intense and suspenseful.
“With coach, it’s the same routine in structure and discipline,” said Stephens, who is excited for this season stating “#wonthis.” Delta’s alumni team included Sarah Watt at the wholeset position from the 2006 season.
Tori Dettloff, former center, defender and attacker from the 2012 team and now assistant coach, was on the sideline coaching the alumni.
Watt and Dettloff were two-time All Americans for Delta.
Watt has the record for most scores in school history, while Tori has the school record for most steals in a season.
Dettloff is now assistant coach, working with Varosh.
Watt was the only alumni to come back beyond 2012.
She said it felt good to be back, get back into the water and bringing back old memories.
The women’s water polo team is coming from its best year as state finalist.
The team already had its first game opener against Merced Junior College earlier, winning 15-9.
“I really want to encourage everyone in the campus to come out, we’re good and ready. We have great support from with in the community,” said Varosh.
A men’s alumni tournament will be held Sept. 17-18. Varosh will compete.