Popular artisan market moves to Miracle Mile


The Stockton Stock Market, a flea market that highlights local artisans, made their move from Weber St. up to the Miracle Mile on Sept. 17, 2016.

The Stock Market started in 2015 and has already outgrew their space in downtown.

Amy Sieffert and Anne Wilcox, the founders of the Stock Market, decided that it was time to move into a bigger location.

“We’ve had a lot of support from the mile, from the community. We have always been here to support small business and the mile has a ton small businesses,” said Wilcox.

The transition has been smooth and easy, according to Wilcox.

They have been working very closely with the city to make sure everything is in order.

Wilcox believes that this transition is for the better.

“This is a very walkable community, we really like that. The college is right down the street [and] there’s neighborhoods on both sides,” said Wilcox.

Sieffert and Wilcox’s main goal is to focus on the vendors, they’re what makes up the Stock Market.

“It’s a good change as long it benefits the people of Stockton. I really feel honored to be apart of the team,” said Shanna Paunon, owner of Ellie + Osso.

Paunon specializes in clothing and accessories for infants to toddlers, and has been a vendor at the Stock Market for several months.

Many Miracle Mile businesses had their doors left open so customers could go in and out while still enjoying the market.

Maggie Lewis, owner of Mag’s Rags Consignment + on the mile, is excited for the transition and hopes that the market will bring in more foot traffic.

“I was so excited that I got up and three thirty this morning just to get ready,” said Lewis.

Lewis said that her storefront received more foot traffic on Saturday than it has seen in the last three weeks.

Wilcox says that their old location is will not remain empty, they still plan on having other events in the space in the future.

“This is just a test run to see how it goes, how many people like the new location, how the street closure went,” said Wilcox.

Wilcox wants Stockton to grow and is proud to see how far their business has grown in only a year.

Their ultimate goal would be to have the entire mile blocked off for the market.