Local indie artist curates event at cafe


On Nov. 3, local indie artist Eddie Angel aims to contribute to the revitalization of Stockton’s downtown culture.

“Where are you at, music lovers?”  asks Angel, founder and owner of Big Heart Recording, who said he has had a passion for music and a personal affection for Stockton since he was a teenager.

Angel is assisting in hosting an event showcasing musicians to jam together for the love of music, all at the Blackwater Republic café on 912 North Yosemite Street in Stockton.

The show begins at 7:30 pm.  Angel will perform his original songs.

This lineup will include Stockton-based Operocia, San Francisco music collective psychedelic rock band The Love Dimension and Los Angeles based singer/songwriter Vanessa Silberman founder of “A Diamond Heart.”

Being in Los Angeles as a teenager Angel knew Stockton was a great town for music because his favorite band Pavement originated from San Joaquin county. Angel knew there must be something intriguing about the area.

Call it fate or a coincidence but the fact that Angel recently settled in Stockton and is now working with Pavement band member, Gary Young is nothing short of a divine intervention he said.

“I’ve got a lot a love for Stockton, and there’s lots of rich things, lots good stuff here in Stockton but a lot of people don’t know how to channel it. Many want to just get it out. This city has a lot of potential,” said Eddie, adding that he’s witnessed greatness within the city.

The upcoming show at Blackwater Republic will be an example of what needs to happen more often for musicians to express their love for music and the fact it has an underground vibe makes it even more intriguing for those seeking live entertainment.

“I do this to connect people with hope, and I believe the limits need to be broken here, we need to break the mold. We shouldn’t close the door on potential,” said Angel, who writes and produces his own music.

Los Angeles-born Angel is an advocate of supporting local musicians and getting their music heard.

With dreams of opening a studio and rehearsal spot of his own for up and coming artists. Angels always ready to collaborate with anyone.

“Let’s credit musicians who play their own stuff,” Angel said.