CW creating a new DC multiverse


Last year the CW created an underground superpowered fight club, heroes versus villains to amuse the fans where “this club has only one rule,” said Green Arrow, “there are no rules.”

This superhero fight club brought all the DC comics CW heroes together.

The fun promo also united the villains of the DC Universe for a friendly cage-matched battle.

CW’s superhero club was reminding all the viewers just how interconnected these shows really are.

In order for this fight club to have happened it all began with the first television show, “Arrow,” in season two of “Arrow” we were introduced to Grant Gustin as Barry Allen — The Flash — following up the next season with a crossover between Arrow and Flash.

The two shows then both crossed over with DC’s “Legends of Tomorrow” in 2015 ahead of its mid-season launch, while Barry Allen crossed the multiverse and visited Supergirl over on CBS.

Between Arrow, Flash and “Legends of Tomorrow” the CW network is really beginning to embrace its superpowered television series’.

With “Supergirl” soaring over to the CW network this fall they released a new fight club promo on Oct. 4 featuring the whole gang of superheroes inducting the heroine into superhero fight club 2.0 where they participate in a superhero style fight.

“The only other rule of superhero fight club,” said Flash. “Never ask for more fight club.”

In last year’s DC television get together the group initiated Flash into the secret club but this time around the club has a few upgrades from the original superhero fight club.

All these heroes in the promo are inside what looks like an X-Men style danger room working together and practicing abilities to defeat gun firing, flying machines that can also shoot electricity.

Fight club 2.0 serves as a teaser for the upcoming four-way crossover the network is gearing up for between Flash, Arrow, “Legends of Tomorrow” and Supergirl.

One channel has four solid comic book shows that intermingle and are part of a cohesive universe.

The fastest man alive, the secret vigilante, the girl of steel and the eight legends to travel through time will all come together and work in unity defeating every villain that comes their way.

Although there will be crossovers the shows individually will introduce a ton of minor characters into the DC televised universe.

It seems the CW is embracing its ever-expanding roster of masked men and women, good and evil.