Couple crafts future in Delta College ceramics class


When one is getting ready to head off to campus, the thought of meeting their future fiancé in one of their classes may seem silly; but for Delta Students Alfred Ambriz and Nancy Cross, this would be the beginning of an engagement.

Some people think that the delta campus has no special meaning and will be not remembered after one leaves the campus but this school has made great memories and on Oct. 31st two very lucky individuals made one of the greatest memories possible, a marriage proposal involving ceramics clay and a supportive professor.

On November 1st Alfred Ambriz and Nancy Cross got married in civil court and a formal ceremony after a proposal in the Ceramics room of Prof. Shenney Cruces.

The newly married couple met at a English 78 B class taught by a current delta instructor Michele Marta around a year and a half ago.

The Groom Ambriz said “Yea she’s a great professor!” about Prof. Marta after being asked to confirm the instructor.

“To see students bond over life, over clay, and you know fir this case love.” Said Shenny Cruces with a grin and clay in front of her.

Professor Shenny Cruces is the Ceramics instructor and and advisor for the art club at delta and with her permission the Groom proposed in front of the whole class
to his current wife.

The Instructor later confirmed that the Groom asked a week in advance to have this special moment take place in her ceramics classroom for the whole class and a reporter to see with the reporter coming in the guise of doing a story about the supportive Professor Shenny Cruces.

Alfrid Ambriz showed the reporter his clay work and even explained how various techniques are performed and carried out but both knew that was the least important topic of the day.

Prof. Shenny nodded to the reporter and the groom while the class continued their work until they saw the Bride and Groom and the intent of the meeting.

The whole class stared in silence when the well-dressed groom dropped to one knee and said the words many little girls dream of hearing.

To the apron wearing bride this came as a what looked like a surprise but no surprise came with the answer.

The Ceramic students all clapped and cheered with enough energy to fill a stadium filled to the teeth with excited fans ecstatic over the team win.

When speaking to the groom on Nov. 4 he confirmed that the two will get married in a Roman Catholic Church in the spring as soon as Nancy Cross finishes her conversion procedures because the lovely bride was raised as a Baptist and will be Baptised as a Catholic on Easter.