Campus text message survey goes wrong

A photo of one of the texts sent to a student. PHOTO BY KILLIAN BARNHART

On March 6 confusion struck when some Delta College students were texted by an automated system inquiring as to why they were taking less than 12 units this semester.

A photo of one of the texts sent to a student. PHOTO BY KILLIAN BARNHART

The problem arose from the fact that the automated system confused various phone numbers with different students, including students who are taking twelve or more units.

Students turned to the public San Joaquin Delta College Facebook page for information.

Student Maria Rios said she received her text at 3:06 p.m.

“I initially ignored it, mostly because I am a student ambassador here on campus. I work with the marketing communications and outreach department, so if Delta was going to send some mass text message, we would’ve communicated that. I feel I would’ve known about it in a way, working with Delta,” she said. “I texted a couple of my friends, and they hadn’t gotten it. Then one of my friends texted me back hours later saying and she was like ‘oh hey yeah they did send me a message, but what if we call go ahead and Campus Police about it?’ I was like ‘You know what, you’re right’ as I said it was a bit weird, so about an hour and a later I made the call to Campus Police.”

At 9:39 p.m. Delta College’s Vice President of Student Services Dr. Lisa Cooper Wilkins sent out an email to the student body informing them of the mistake, writing that Delta did send out the text messages and reassured students that nobody’s personal information was compromised or shared with any outside groups.