Do you have wifi?


Its no secret opinions on the wifi at Delta College are less than spectacular. If anyone is reading this story online you have my sympathy as you’ll be waiting over triple the time for the page to load. Jessica Fotheringham, a third-semester student at Delta calls the wifi “terrible” and says it “needs to be redone.”

Recently when the wifi was acting up and refusing to give out any kind of signal Fotheringham’s grade suffered because of it.

She had to “turn in an assignment that was due online and in class.”

Not knowing about this until “three minutes until it was due” she quickly tried uploading from her iPhone. As she did everyone’s good friend Mr. Wifi was feeling lazy and it decided to mess about and not give the notification to log-in until after it acted confused for five minutes.

Fotheringham wasn’t able to turn in her assessment that day and was a victim of the wifi’s bullying.

It’s like a spoiled child that thinks it’s funny to be annoying and bullies people by flash a signal for a couple of brief seconds and then runs off giggling about how upset your getting.

Tomas Cilva, a returning student here and also a U.S. Army veteran also expressed concern.

He does “most work at home” not trusting the connection here, with good reason.

Cilva doesn’t like “hoping the technology works” when he needs it to work.

A school is made for students to learn and complete their class work, but that become increasingly harder when almost everyone needs to sweet talk the wi-fi into feeling like it wants to work and even then it runs slow.

Student Jonathan Wright has been dealing with the horrible wifi for two years now and has had enough.

Every school day he struggles to connect any of his devices.

“On every freakin phone I’ve had it takes more than five tries to get on,” he said.

Not only does he have to wrestle the wi-fi into submission, but he has to watch it to make sure it stays there as it “automatically disconnects even when (he doesn’t) leave the campus.”

There’s limit to how much anyone can tolerate and Wright has already crossed the line saying “even the wifi at my church is two-thousand times faster than here” and they have to pray that it works.

Clearly something is wrong here as the general opinion is “it’s terrible,” but what can anyone do about this? On Delta’s website the student wifi link shows instructions about connecting and additional information on forum 110 with more help for students. In reality not many student even know about this and many don’t even care if they do know. There is no one solution that fixes everything. Something has to change before a wifi connection is more celebrated than winning the lottery.