On-site campus center available to help students with studies


Delta College’s campus welcomes all students, athletes or non-athletes, into The Zone, the Student-athlete center that serves as a one-on-one tutoring center and quiet study hall.

“The Zone was established to give student athletes a place to study and help them get priority registration for classes by completing a three hour a week study hall,” said Teresa Gutierrez, instructional support assist.

According to the Delta College webpage specifically for The Zone, this center was created to help student athletes achieve academic success and give opportunities to ensure a better future.

The Zone not only gives student athletes a place to study, but it also helps them create a backup plan in case they decide sports isn’t a career choice down the road.

“Students come in thinking that they can fly on their athletic skills, but when they get older they won’t have that. So they have their academics to help them which makes them start to do good in school,” said tutor Deanna Ingla.

This program allows a separate foundation to be made for student athletes who for any reason will not be pursuing sports as a career, injury related or not.

Ex-football player, Keith Dosier was one of the multiple students who came to the conclusion sports wouldn’t be something he wanted to do for a lifetime career.

“After seeing what it was really like playing football in college it honestly just became a job to me, the situation I was in ruined the fun I once had when I played,” said Dosier.

Dosier added: “When you play sports you are required to take sports related classes which took up space for other general ed classes, but the transition of majors was easy because I was always at least decent in my academics.”

Mandatory study hall sessions at The Zone has helped students like Dosier have an easier transition when switching careers due to the fact that they have to maintain their grades in order to play sports.

Taylor Wills, a track and field athlete, is hoping to continue on in her sport. She uses the center to stay focused.

“The Zone provides academic resources to further my education in case I don’t make sports a career,” said Wills.

Swimmer Matt Vanderlans agreed and said The Zone is a place for him to do homework and allows him to focus on his sports during practice rather than worry about getting it done later.

The Zone is located on the second floor of the Budd building.

It is open Monday through Thursday 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and 7:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Friday.