Website offers way for commuters to plan trips


The San Joaquin Council of Governments has launched an easier way for commuter to travel around the San Joaquin County called Dibs.

“The Dibs program, designed to reduce traffic congestion and improve air quality in the three-county area, set an ambitious goal to have program participants log over a million Smart Travel miles by 2020” according to a news release on the organization’s official blog at

Transportation is one of our most important needs to reach our destination.

Some of difficulties that we face when it comes to traveling is: traffic, long distance, and time.

“We have been around since 1978, our main goal for the Dibs program is to promote smart travel opportunities that reduce traffic and air pollution, including, vanpools, carpools, walking, public transit and biking,” said Administrative Technician Teresa Garcia.

The site offers ways to plan travel, including offering time estimates for arrival based on transportation model, and look for ride shares.

“It also brings people together as a community offering services to those who are in need of a ride,” she said. “One new feature that we offer is free emergency ride, is the need to come back home.”

Ridesharing could alleviate the amount of traffic congestion.

“Those commuters using vanpools, carpools, or commuter transit, can use that time more productively and avoid the traffic and improve air quality,” she said.

Long distance is a problem, especially when you live far away from where you go to school or work.

“It really is problem to me, I live in Tracy and I have to wake up early so that traffic won’t be rough sometimes,” said Eric Solis, a Delta college student. “Going from Tracy to Stockton uses up a lot gas for me because going to Delta and back home.”

For a smarter way to travel, Solis said “travel with friends or families or you can always use a smart app like uber for a carpool.”

Dibs also offers large employers to create a smart travel program using the online employer toolkit feature.

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