‘The Fosters’ may be calling it quits


On Sept. 2017, the Freeform show The Fosters closed their first half of their fifth season.

Since the beginning of the show The Fosters has showcased real world events and issues such as adoption, gay marriage, and the foster care system that is relatable to many viewers everywhere.

It came as no surprise when the new season revolved around the current issue of undocumented students and the DACA program that continues to affect thousands today.

The cast and crew effectively explained in each episode what it meant to be undocumented, what the DACA program was, who it helped, and what sanctuary buildings meant to anyone who is undocumented.

Although many shows portray what is taking place in the world today, what stood out to viewers with this particular show was the way a certain scenes could make your heartbreak when a hard working college student was being chased down by ICE for deportation.

However, soon after the season came to an end, it was announced that The Fosters may not be up for a renewal of a Season 6 since the ratings have been low.

This came as a shock to fans nationwide since many felt as though the show relates well to real world issues and gives thought out solutions.

Quickly, #RenewTheFosters became a trending topic on Twitter when caste mate Cierra Ramirez, who plays Mariana Fosters, tweeted to fans to help the hash tag trending on social media. Followed by that other caste mates from the show voiced their opinions as well as sharing the hash tag.

Although it is not certain if the show will be renewed or not, it is clear that the cast of the show will do their best to give viewers another season.