Mustangs Fall short against Diablo Vally


The Delta College Football team played the Diablo Valley College Vikings on Sept. 30. 

This was the sixth game of the Delta’s football team and the third loss this season. The final score was 30-31, Diablo Valley being the winner.

Both sides played very effectively and some on the Diablo Valley team took a knee during the national anthem while no one in the Delta team didn’t. 

“It’s up to my team mate to do what they want to do. Everyone has their own beliefs. I’ll support them if that’s what they want to do,” said Player Receiver Keaton Hampton. 

Head Coach Gary Barlow didn’t comment on the kneeling during the anthem but did talk about his team and how he will proceed after the game.

“I don’t like the outcome. We ended up losing when we expect to win. I think we had a good week of preparation and we played hard so our players competed in a high level,” said Head Coach Barlow after the game was over.

This was the last non-conference game for the Delta football team. 

All the players shared their dislike for the outcome of the game and how both sides played it.

“It shouldn’t ever be a close game. They were a pretty good team but nothing we haven’t seen so far. Obviously there was some mistakes but overall they did their assignments,” said player receiver Hampton after the game ended.

The coaching staff and the players on the team all plan on doing better in the next coming games this fall.

“I’m just going to keep doing the plays I’m supposed and the assignments I’m supposed too. That’s all there is to this game,” said Hampton

Barlow has already began planning and improving the team’s skill level and their capabilities. 

“The first thing we will do is evaluate this game. We fill every snap so we will go through it and grade the players both on their alignment assignment and their effort,” said Barlow. “That will allow us to really look at the things that we did really well and the things we need to work on.”

The next game for the Delta College Football team will be on Oct. 14 against Laney College.