Fake advertisements pressure people to losing weight quickly


Have you ever seen a social media influencer advertising to get the body you want in little to no time with certain programs and or supplements?
Well, here’s the deal. We tend to always believe things that we see on social media from a celebrity or a person we follow. The thing is we always fall for their false advertisements.
Why? Because we trust the person who is recommending the product or program. Either because we like their body and want the same outcome or because it promises to make you lose weight fast.
How many times have we proposed to ourselves to meet a certain goal and follow a program to achieve results quickly? Many times, especially during the holidays.
When you are expecting to see results in a small amount of time lapse following the recommendations you see online by influencers and you do not meet them, our moral and energy lowers quickly.
We want to see results fast and now. But, have you ever thought about the diet you are required to go under when you commit to a program? The right exercises and proper form? How many times a week you have to work on each part of the body to reach the desired goal?
This is when false advertising comes into play. The people getting sponsored through a company are just required to promote the product itself making it look as though it is the only item you need or the only program that will take you there. However, they forget to mention everything else you need to have in mind to actually make it work.
Since everything you are seeing is through online, you do not know if they are taking something else or if they are actually not using that product.
“The new stars create false sense of what healthy looks like. They’re also paid to shift products,” according to The Guardian.
The reality is that we are always misguided on thinking that eating a salad or less food consumption leads to being skinny and fit.
However, the case is otherwise.
Often times not only is dropping weight about taking a supplement, it’s also about the exercise you do and how well you take care of your body. However, these people advertising aren’t concerned about showing you the entire process. They only have to follow through on showcasing the one product.
We cannot assume that because something works for a person, it will also work for you as well. It is better to seek help with a face-to-face consultation rather than assuming that you can do the work out you’ve seen on social media.
If you are really thinking of joining the fitness community, make sure to do your research before going under a certain diet or work out program. You always want to make sure that it is healthy and that you are doing the exercises with proper form to prevent an injury.
There is nothing wrong with asking any influencer through social media about certain exercises or recommendations. But do have in mind that most are not certified personal trainers and the exercises they do only works for their body.
There is nothing wrong with having an inspiration that makes you want to go to the gym, but staying healthy should always be the top priority.