On Jan. 28 Delta College hosted a “Night of China” event as a prelude to the Chinese spring festival celebration in Stockton.

This show was presented by the Cultural Awareness program and the Student Equity and Diversity of Delta, as well as the Chinese Cultural Society of Stockton.

“Night of China” brought together talented artists from China and the Bay Area to showcase performances in celebration of the season.

Cultural awareness was the overarching theme for the performance.

“We have the Student Equity and Diversity Committee that really helped us put it together financially to be free to the audience. That’s our mission from the cap committee, we want to make sure the cultural awareness programs would be free to all especially our students,” said the producer Dr. Jun Wang.

This show included performances by the Melody Chorus Society, where the group performed a medley of songs that made you feel as though spring has come early to save us from this frigid winter.

“We prepared almost one year,” said Jennifer Lemmon who is a part of the chorus. “Our groups comes from different backgrounds some are engineers some are professors, I’m an accounted, most of us come from China … so this is our second homeland.”

This show highlighted a variety of musical styles that the Chinese culture has to offer such as Dizi flute solo by George Xu, to a truly elegant Chinese folk dance by the Bayland dancing group who were draped in traditional Chinese attire, to the tear-inducing Peking opera solo done by Wenli Zhou a member of the melody chorus Society.

“The singing was really good the chorus was wonderful … I think it’s great to have something like to expose our culture to the general public,” said Fe Lau, who attended the performance.The festival celebration continues on March 4 at the 40th annual Chinese New Year parade and festival at Weber Point and the Stockton Civic Auditorium with the parade starting at 10 a.m.