‘The Fosters’ canceled amid controversy


Society raises us on the mindset that we shouldn’t be afraid to speak against what’s wrong and to stand united to make a change.

Then why is it that when facts of reality begin to come out, immediately we quietly shy away from topics that aren’t “normal” or are forced not to say much?

In June 2013, ABC Family or what is now known as Freeform debuted “The Fosters” that depicted a storyline of two lesbian women raising a household of children. Some were from foster care.

Many times directors or television crews make the decision to perhaps briefly discuss a controversial topic such as the LBGTQ+ community or the sad reality of what actually takes place in the foster care system.

The Fosters was one of the shows that took a brave head-on approach in showing viewers that not all foster care homes are as good as they seem.

It showed how often times children are abused and the dysfunctional cycle of being placed time after time in a dangerous home.

Recently, in the most current season, the show took on the topic of DACA where cast from the show were torn apart from their families and were forced to hide out in sanctuary places such as a church in order to stay away from being detained.

With this topic being relevant with today’s conflicts after the

Trump administration promised to send immigrants back to their home countries, it is no wonder the show started to get a buzz.

Coincidently, after The Fosters began being one of the shows to not be afraid and portray what goes on in our world, it was announced that in a short period of time the show would be canceled.

I simply find it hard to believe we were able to make 14 long seasons of a show such as “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” that promotes stupidity, yet we only could make five seasons of a show such as “The Fosters” that shows viewers how to take a stand and promote change.

Once again, it seems as though when people shine light on the harsh truths of our world, they are quickly shutdown and are stamped with the excuse of “low ratings is why the Fosters didn’t make it.”

It’s time we stop letting shows be shut down when all they are doing is impacting a change on problems that are affecting our society, rather than sweeping it under the rug.
“The Fosters” isn’t the first show to end once hard topics are brought up and it’s simply due to the fact some people can’t stomach the thought of seeing reality.